Brand Building in the New Millennium!

  • by: Shaleen Wohrnitz

I’ve been meeting with business owners over the last few weeks. One for one, they want to make their business known. They all seem to know, that in this new millennium, marketing and advertising, promotion of their business and the type of clients they have are vastly different to a few years ago.

Most are not certain of how Public Relations fits into their Brand Building strategy. When it’s laid out for them, along with a ton of ideas on how public relations will make their business name known and remembered for years to come, most get very excited about the prospect of building their brand using PR.

Brand Building is not some magic created by a wizard in your Marketing Department. It’s actually clever ideas, well executed to make your company stand out.
It comprises a host of things: logos, service, colours, taglines, advertising, website, brochures, online profiles, events, products and a bunch more.

We are dealing with a very different market to what we had 20 or 30 years ago.
Today we have to be faster, better and more creative than ever before.
How do you grab the attention of a generation that has the attention span of minutes and who, by their own admission, bore easily? What message do you give them? How do you present your company to them, so that it grabs their attention?

Create positive interactions with your Brand.
Give that new-generation client a purpose. Have you noticed how strongly people react to the smallest thing on social media? So, to attract attention, give them a purpose they can identify with. They may never role their sleeves up to do anything themselves, but they will support your endeavours to do something about it.

Make your company known with the correctly designed events or activities that grab and hold the attention of your public.
If you are a business owner, I want to talk to you about building your Brand!