Why should I Upgrade my Website

  • by: Shaleen Wohrnitz

I’ve consulted a number of businesses over the last few weeks, and have found that many have old or badly designed websites. Most of these businesses want to change their websites. They opted originally for a cheaply priced website and are now suffering the consequences.

There are many companies which promote super-cheap website design services, but that’s what you get: cheap and nasty! For two or three hundred Rand per month, you cannot expect to get more. In many instances, the design is terrible, there is no SEO (Search engine Optimization) and it’s a mess.

In this digital age, most people ‘google’ everything, from a restaurant to a plumber, and they do it on their mobile phones. It is super-fast!  But if they can’t find you, you don’t get the business! They want to find you immediately.

While it’s a point in your favour if you can be found on the World Wide Web, you have to consider the image that your website presents. That first impression of your website says a lot about you and your business. It’s either attractive or repulsive. This is the age of digital marketing – we don’t rely on fliers and posters like we used to. Your website is often the first point of contact. It has to be impressive, user-friendly, and above all, something that attracts attention.

The design of a website should be simple. You don’t need pictures flashing across the screen from various directions, nor do you need a Gallery of random pictures which don’t communicate a clear message.

The business brand should be evident on the website, at least on the Home page. This element of the brand should be repeated on any and all online profiles ie: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Website security and data protection laws are an important aspect of your site. Laws are being passed since Europe’s GDPR was passed, so a website has to have Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions and a Cookie Policy. An SSL Certificate is vital, as some search engines label your site as insecure, with a warning notice popping up in red as an ALERT. Nobody wants to visit an insecure website.

I would like to see your business with a smart, modern website that works for you. It is the best means of establishing the existence and presence of your business in a way that will communicate to future customers in a way that is real to them.

So, I’m offering to do an analysis of your website, online profiles and any branding that may need a makeover. info@BrandBuildingSolution.com.