About Us

BrandBuildingSolution has the combined experience of 50 years in the field of Marketing and Public Relations, Business and Sales.

The team spans the globe, catering to an international clientele, with associates in South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Switzerland and India.

The vision we had was to provide a service that finds the goals of the business – what do the owners want to achieve – decide on the correct marketing and PR tools and get that business on its way or to the next level.

Our Technical team is dedicated to creating modern websites and updating existing websites. Apart from complying with recent Data Protection Regulations, an impressive website is a vital tool in your marketing funnel.

Over a period of months, we have found that business owners want something more than just another online ad campaign. They want to build their Brand, make their name known. This is where our Public Relations expertise comes in. Specially designed PR campaigns are what a number of businesses are looking for.

We provide unique solutions to Building your Brand.

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At Brand Building Solution we want to find what your business goals are, and to shape any Marketing or PR campaign that we design for you, according to those goals. The specific needs of your business are consulted to ensure that we create a path which takes your business in the direction you want. We utilize all the tools at our disposal:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • New Website Design
  • Upgrade of existing Websites
  • Tailor-made Public Relations campaigns
  • Branding and Re-Branding

Building a Brand takes many avenues and actions. It is a combination of factors that are aligned to create maximum effect for the business. BrandBuildingSolution finds that combination so that your business thrives.

Your presence online is like having a shopfront and attracting people to your shop. People get to know you and your product and they support you based on your service, image, reputation and delivery.

Too many businesses fail in their first 2 years of existence. A vast number of businesses do not survive 10 years. And a tiny percentage last for 50 to 100 years. In fact the norm is to hear about companies closing down or going bankrupt. We don’t hear much about businesses that make it and survive for decades.

We take on clients with the intention of having them Flourish and Prosper and outlast the competition. Your goals become important to us, and we work with you to make those goals happen.

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