Services and Special Offers

1. Digital Website
Website upgrade: You provide your photos, text and any other data you want on your site. Decide on the new layout of your website from a specific selection of designs. Your new website will be mobile responsive and ready for digital marketing. This website will have the basic Data Protection points in.

2. Custom Website
A brand new website designed from scratch, catering to your business needs, and still cheaper than most. We will have a team assist with your text, photos and overall content and design. Hosting and SSL-Certificate are optional.

3. Digital Marketing Package
Digital Marketing is cheaper than most people think, and if you do it right, it is a LOT more cost effective then for example print media. The various Social Media Platforms such as Google, FaceBook, Instagramm etc. offer untold possibilities to define and reach your target public with laser precision.

4. Building your Brand
We will consult with you on what is needed in this area, as it is customer-specific. This could include rebranding, logo designs, corporate image upgrade, signage, staff presentation, business profiles.

5. Public Relations
Campaigns are designed specifically for the business depending on what type of business and where it is operating. This gets your company name out there in ways that advertising cannot. Your company name and image are repeated often with messages that impinge on the correct public.

6. GDPR Service
We do a free GDPR Website Analysis and correct any points which are missing on your website.

7. Hosting Package
Hosting and monthly maintenance of your new Digital Website. It includes an SSL-Certificate to ensure your website is ranked Secure by the Search Engines.

Building your Brand is vital to the continued operation of your business. Don’t underestimate the power of a Digital Website with all the above supporting it. We have done the homework and have made this incredibly affordable!

Apply now for your Free Website Analysis or use our contact form and ask for an individual, tailor-made quote!

Mobile Responsive Websites

Your website has to open on mobile phones. People search online for things anywhere and anytime via their mobile devices. Landing Pages are pages to which the person is directed from a search or an advert. They can have specific offers, information or “buy nows”, which still direct the potential client to your website.

Online Media Profiles

Social media should work for you. With our advertising and management services, we keep your online profiles updated and the ad campaigns direct people to your website. An online business page on LinkedIn or Facebook which is maintained, updated with regular posts, Calls to Action which take a person to you website, which is supported by an Instagram campaign, will drive new leads to your business.

Email Marketing

Hailed as one of the most effective methods of promoting, email campaigns are vital for a business. We will design an email campaign, and using our infrastructure and servers, will get emails out for your business on a monthly basis. It takes hard work to create and maintain an email database, but you could drive your business into a whole new range of activity by maintaining and utilizing your database.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Improving traffic to a website by increasing the site’s ranking in search engine results. This typically leads to more traffic for the site. In simple terms: We want your site listed at the top of the first page of the (Google) search. Finding the correct keywords and adhering to the rules of SEO is vital.

Brand Story and Company Image

People identify a company by its logo, which equates to great service, quality and delivery. Your Brand Story is a copy-writing exercise covering how your Brand originated and how it’s progressed.

Public Relations Magic

PR is the missing ingredient in many businesses. Business owners and Senior Management look for the special quality that will set them aside from the rest, make them memorable to their target audience, have their name stand out. And that is contained in the magic of PR.

Ad Campaigns

A clever online Ad campaign, once your SEO is done can drive a lot of reaches to your website, which can be converted into customers. We keep this as economical as possible, based on the client and their needs, and direct these ads to the correct geographical area.

Marketing Funnels

Landing pages, automated emails and social media campaigns help build trust, credibility, and authority for your business and Brand. The leads generated are converted to customers which is then converted into income, using the tools of digital and social media marketing.

Google Maps and online directories

Entry in Google Maps clearly shows your location. A person can see immediately that you are in his area and easy to reach. There are numerous online directories which are widely used, like the yellow pages online.

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