What is Digital Marketing?

Prior to the existence of the internet, smart phones and super-fast computers, businesses relied on newspaper ads, expensive radio and TV ads and of course fliers, posters and billboards. Sending a written communication took days and depending on where you were, geographically speaking, it could even take weeks!

The world has changed dramatically over the last 2 decades! The arrival of the internet ensured that nothing would ever be the same again. The World Wide Web revolutionized how we did virtually everything! Suddenly you could talk to people instantly with an email, instead of a letter. Websites made a grand entrance, and individuals, groups and businesses could make themselves known to anyone, anywhere in the world, who could access the internet!

The power this brought was immense. Businesses could conduct marketing campaigns that reached a growing amount of people virtually anywhere in the world.
But the game changed yet again with the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and a host of others. You didn’t have to wait for people to come find you; you could find them, promote to them, hear their news and make friends.

Today almost every person has a smart phone.

And almost every person with a smart phone has a Facebook page, Instagram account or is on Twitter. These social media are great tools for personal and business purposes.
While these are all excellent tools for marketing and promoting, it can become an expensive exercise if you are not sure what to do. A smart digital marketing professional could assist and keep those costs down. Overall, marketing is an expensive activity, but without it, a business will stagger and eventually die. The key to it is to be informed of ones options and use them cleverly.

To accommodate a vastly different manner of buying and selling, businesses have to ensure that their marketing and promoting is on a scale that far surpasses what was done in the past, and that as many people as possible are reached.

If you are not dedicatedly using social media, email campaigns and the internet for all you are worth, then you are going to lose business. I’ve encountered many business owners who aren’t quite clued up on Facebook, let alone creating an email database for campaigns or know what the marketing funnel is for their business. Yet, with a little bit of information and a helping hand from a good Brand Building company, they could promote using social media, and increase their customer base, increase their email databases and promote like there was no tomorrow!
Using a social medium like Instagram means you can send simple promotion, very quickly and you can reach hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands in minutes. Instagram, the last time I checked, had 800 million users!

An ad campaign on Facebook could reach people in a specific geographical area, which means you curb wastage and don’t pay each time someone across the country clicks on your ad. It means that you can become a household name in your town or specific geographical area by running a call to action campaign that people find really interesting. This brings reaches and leads, which can be turned into customers with some slick digital media actions, which then brings increased income.

The beauty is that all of this can be done with the help of a professional. You can make digital marketing work for your business.

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