The Art of Public Relations

  • by: Shaleen Wohrnitz

Question: “What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘PR’?”

Answer: “Smooth talking” or “hiding the truth” or “lies” or “fast talking”.

PR or Public Relations is probably the most misunderstood and most underutilized tool in the business world, and it is none of those things above.

The majority of business owners and leaders think it’s the same as marketing. PR and Marketing are often squashed together in the same Department, and handled by one person who never learned what PR is.

PR greases the lines and makes it easier for a business to operate in an area. It contains a vast toolbox of actions and creativity that ensures people will remember you for your good works.

In the broad field of Brand Building, PR is a vital component.

Building a Brand takes flair and PR skills.

We consult with our clients to find out what the company’s goals are, and use PR, amongst other actions, to build that brand and make it known.
If a company does good work, if it gives back to the community in which it is working, this is a PR person’s dream.

But PR, using the right message to the correct audience, can increase reaches, sales and reach.
Most companies don’t do this, and if they do any of it, it’s not of the magnitude that will create a result, a forwarding of a message or image.

PR can make or break a company’s image.